Thursday, March 21, 2013



 Our world seems so magical,so enchanted,full of joy,laughter,love and harmony.... colorful,playful,moving and fascinating at every moment.i wonder at times that maybe The Almighty God is an artist and we are the observers,the audience,the spectators..

The present seems so beautiful,joyous and cheerful to us at times.Even the littlest things bring us unexpected joy to our lives.And sometimes certain little things hurt us so badly we start thinking why am I always blamed...Why me?then we look at the past and try to recall all the things that did not happen as we wanted them t happen.but we are not supposed to act that way.we should always find ways to solve problems rather than to sit and cry about it..

Our past is always memorable...where every wrong seems just right,where we realise that whatever happened was for the best.But we still wonder what if???what if i had chosen the other life would have been way different than what it is today.But friends,won't you agree with me that life is all about learning from past,living your present and planning your future..

I believe you can always learn from nature and help others in need..I dedicate this article to all those who feel they are somewhere less than someone,whereas actually my friend,you are special,just that you need to find your hidden talent and magic will happen in your life too..