Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Inspirations

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  1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration".
  2. The quality of having been so stimulated, esp. when evident in something: "a moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display".

This is how the dictionary defines the word INSPIRATION. Inspiration is being in a state of mind where everything is possible, everything is clear, and we feel at one with the universe.
Here are my source of inspirations..

1.Mark Zuckerberg

 Not because he is a Brilliant Nerd or the youngest Billionaire on Earth but because he is a Brilliant nerd who knows the NERVE of Human Beings. He invented an internet platform where any Human activity, previously confined to the Physical world could be replicated, and in some cases, Bettered. So on Facebook there is something for everyone- Lots to waste your time, lots to utilise it. Lots to spend your time in thinking of useless relationships, lots to build Business and Work relationships. Lots to lose your contacts in the real world and lots of new contacts in the virtual world. Zuckerberg has changed the way Humans communicate. In the Nascent stage of Facebook, Mark had remarked, "it is something that we dont yet know about, all that i know is, its Cool! what it will become in the future, I dont know". After being valued at $50 Billion with over 750 million subscribers, the world is divided into two types of people: Those who are on Facebook and those Who Will be.... and yet we dont know the real deal that facebook may become in the future. One thing that remains constant although is the fact that Facebook is still 'Cool' !

2.Steve Jobs :  

Because he is the Eternal Salesman. Neither an Engineer nor a Graduate, Steve cofounded and ran a Company based on his Vision. He is the quintessential Visionary, a man who dreams big and Materialises them through exemplary  ,albeit sometimes compulsively demanding leadership. Steve never created any of those Magic products that he so proudly and stylishly launches. Be it the first computer he created with Stever wozniak to the I pad, steve simply 'Envisioned' it. His story is a real testimony to the fact that you dont have to be a brilliant scientist or an engineer in order to create a company, you just got to say...' idream '!!

3.Dhirubhai Ambani : 

Not Because he created India's largest business Empire, but because he created the Empire in the same field of Business in which He once worked as a lowly attendant. Dhirubhai was a Petrol attendant in Yemen and worked for Shell. Although undocumented, I always imagine Dhirubhai standing on the porch of one of Shell's oil rigs, staring into the infinite sea and setting sun and promising himself that One day He will own a company bigger than this. With steely resolve, an unflinching attittude, and a Magical Machiavillian strategy to outmaneuver his detractors, Dhirubhai went on to create a business enterprise in one generation, the same in value as the ones created by Tatas and Birlas in four generations. Another man who Dreamt big and more importantly, believed in them. his legend lies in the fact that he saw business in fields which lay unexplored to fellow competitors. Polyester, Petroleum and Cheap Telephony are some of the few examples.

4.Larry page and Sergei Brin :

 Because they own a Multi- Billion Dollar Enterprise whose real assets are on the internet, which in itself (the internet) has no real asset Value! Apart from those massive Servers and their equally massive storage spaces on Land, Sea and presumably even in space, Google is a formidable giant in every activity related to computers and communication, but Doesnt really Manufacture anything themselves. Page and Brin are the guys Bill Gates feared in his dreams, while they were still in their schools. In a 1985 lecture on windows , when asked about the threat from computer giants like Oracle and IBM to Microsoft, Gates jokingly remarked that he didnt fear the Big companies, but was worried about those Nerds who were 'building' something in their school labs or garages. Almost like a prophecy, 10 years later Google was launched and 15 years on, Google is the Biggest Challenger to Microsoft in Computer Dominance. From just being a 'Magical Algorithm' based Search engine to Multi communication service provider in every domain, Google has come a long way and the founders have played Pivotal role right from the start till date.

5.Thomas Edison :

 Not because he invented the bulb, but because he was the first Brilliant man , unlike his equally brilliant peers to realise the Potential of Electricity in Human Lives . Because he was the First  'Scientist Entrepreneur' who realised the Potential of his inventions. Ever imagined why people who invented some of the most fantastic machines ever, never actually owned the company which manufactures those products? Sony didnt invent Television, and Nokia didnt invent telephone. Newton ,Einstein, Tesla, Marconi... they all had something in their hands but died Middle class. Edison on the other hand, Invented and Patented..and then Manufactured and Sold, thus creating the Formidable Enterprise, General Electric(GE).



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