Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I was walking on the road , a paper plane clashed with me.Two boys were laughing from the window. I lifted up the paper plane in order to give  back to them ,there was the line printed on a plane,must be of newspaper
" किस्सा एउटा आँखी झयाल हो जहाँ बाट संसार नियाल्न सकिन्छ "
Thoughts for windows suddenly hit me.. 

 Doors have them for best friends; eyes and lungs of the house, windows can be delicate glass, flexible wood, stern steel or shiny aluminium. We stare through them and they stare at us from buildings, at the people being carried away by the streams of streets that flow by.Windows, at times open like hands in prayer, praying homes,schools and offices.Lifting the heavy eyelids of their panes and awnings, they just stare endlessly perhaps for our the safety of our homes and our well being

On a monsoon noon the window dresses up her glass with pearls collected from a slanting shower of seamless driples that flirts with the wind outside and the window inside.Windows wait endlessly, even if we decide to give up on waiting for someone to return, the window continues watch in our absence, little threads of hope flirting at her sill...and if that'someone' arrives,the window conspires with us, lets us encircle the heart's inner eye with a fresh kohl of new dreams.Waiting knows that hope sits at the window sill in a lonely lotus.

 Window is an entertaining screen with a billion choices of channels and constantly changing 3-D images. Swipe a finger of a different mood across the mind's touchpad and the image changes outside the window. A thousand poems move ever so gently out there.
Windows, the referral here is not the ones that await a click of the mouse or a flick of the finger, but the concrete entrapped 4X6 wooden frame that wears the plenty of memories from years gone by. A window frame where moonlight sits gently to recognize the touch of elders and the sunlight comes to warm a trembling wrinkled hand

Even today when a glance leaps from the window, it runs to search for the shadow of wonderful memories that still linger at the window..., it returns empty handed.No matter how tightly we tie the blind fold of curtains, bolt it with silence but once a storm stirs deep within the heart and strong emotions lash against its panes, windows of hope re-open and memory-winds blow strong and  unrestricted across heart's vacant corridors.Windows are strategically planned when we build houses

How quickly we grow tired of the same view that stares back at us from the living room window. The road down below remains a piece of frozen concrete,The tirelessly repeated view from the window remains just like that GRAND SALE banner hanged between two electrical poles that flutters to seek attention long after the sale's been over.The same exhausting view of the sun mysteriously diving into the plastic water tank atop the neighbour's house and emerging bathed and refreshed,The repetitive views tire us yet they remain so fresh, enthusiastic day after day to lay forth the same wares for us to see...

 A house breathes and becomes a living home through its window.Each tension that hangs like a knot in the throat of a house tangled in arguments finds a release, just throw the window open and let the daylight in!A window of desires opens and ushers in a tunnel of hope-light into the soul another
 The window is unable to keep its emotions in control,

There was a time womans would sit at the window of her house with her spinning wheel waiting for the return of her beloved, weaving her patience tirelessly into strong threads of hope and love.
The window too gets drenched in showers of pain and pangs for separation tasting the sharp salts of agony that sit on her tongue.While the woman sleeps, the window narrates her tale of woes and waiting to the stars that twinkle in awe and concern. Who knows, which kind hearted star might nudge the sinking Titanic of love toward safer seas or the moon that leans in to listen might just deliver the unwritten love song to the one who needs to listen? 

Allow, allow them all and leave the window open, for it could be one of opportunity, hope, love and Godliness. :)