Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Songs....... For life..


Who said books are our best friends? I say music and songs are even better...
They are not just something to listen to..
But an inspiration..

Behind every song is an inspiration, someone’s life or even maybe just a part of it..
Every song we hear and listen to..Has inspired us at one moment or the other in our life..
Some songs we cherish and remember through each day while some we dislike and forget at the blink of an eye.
Certain songs make us forget our sorrows and bring a smile to our lips whereas some bring tears to the ignorant ecstatic eyes..
I believe our very life is a song where we begin alone joined by a chorus of friends and then with a duet of love, a ballad of romance, the ode of children and ending with the symphony of instrumental music of old age.

Music is the food to the enhances our spirit and brings about a change in our hectic scheduled life...