Saturday, September 6, 2014

10 Favorite Books of mine

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These days people in Facebook are sharing their favourite books and nominating their friends to do the same. Here I made a list of my 10 favourite books I have read till.Every book I read have their own importance in my  life.following are the books which I was highly influenced during some period of my life.

Animal Farm: 
George Orwell’s animal farm is a novel which Is an allegory of Russian revolution and Stalin era. Orwell being a socialist have described the tale against the Stalin era. Orwell uses animal characters in order to draw the reader away from the world of current events into a fantasy space where the reader can grasp ideas and principles more crisply.  This book is in my favourite list because it defined me an era of world war II and Stalinism.

The Alchemist:                               

 Paulo Coelho’s the alchemist is my favourite inspiring book. The book taught me not to be afraid of failure, this book focuses on the individual and the pursuit of individual dreams as making a positive contribution to the Soul of the World through its central after reading this book I am sure, will follow his dream and make the life better.

Atmabritant BPKoirala :
           BP koirala’s autobiography represent an starting era of Nepalese democratic journey. The first elected prime minister of Nepal in his biography offers to read the struggle of Nepali people for the democracy, Socio economic and educational condition of that time. Being one of the most charismatic political leader of Nepal, koirala was also one of the most well-read and thoughtful writers of Nepalese literature. So by going through this book we also can understand the Nepalese literature.

Steve Jobs: Walter Isaacson :
This biography of Steve jobs doesn’t only tell how the life of Steve jobs was, this help to understand the struggle of a startup. This book is the story of world’s No.1 Company. This book tells how Steve jobs and his team technologically revolutionized the people’s habit of listening music, using PC and mobile applications. This is an interesting biography I have read till.

                This book by Dr Harkha Gurung describes the geography socio cultural and economic condition of various part of Nepal. In the book he gives the idea of development of the places he visited throughout the nation. This book is the best book to understand Nepal specially the geography of the country. Being a prominent researcher and traveler Dr Gurung provides many facts and history of the places he visited. The book describes the different ethnic groups, their language and culture, also the Natural resources available in Nepal.

Karnali Blues:

The simple Nepal language, unique presentation, life of people living in Karnali is what made this book interesting. The novel by Buddhisagar remind the fun full childhood days. This novel an Excellent depiction of a father and a son relationship.This book is one of the most interesting nepali fiction for me which made me smile and cry.
this is the book which tells the story of Nepal’s Maoist, peace process, Delhi-Kathmandu relation, transformation of country into secular republic state from a Hindu monarchy system. Moreover the book tells the story of Madesh which have been written of less in the past days. The book by Prashant jha help to understand the politics of Kathmandu, The role of South block in the nation, and the game of intelligence agency of India. This book is in my favorite list because after going through it I understood a level of politics practiced in Nepal.

Banker to the poor:
                Muhammad Yunus a Novel laureate’s  autobiography tells the story of poor people In Bangladesh. This is the story of famous Grameen bank which provides small loan to the poor. This book is the example that how a single man’s effort can make the difference. Yunus’s Grameen bank and micro credit is now famous all over the world. His single effort changed the life of many people. This book is story of his struggle for the betterment of poor people.

Unleashing Nepal:

Sujeev shakya’s unleashing Nepal offers readers the contemporary view of Nepalese Economy. Divided in three parts; past, present and future of the economy, the book explains the political economy of Nepal. The book narrates the socio economic history of Nepal when the country was under autocracy, mixed economy and in the decade long civil war. The book gives the solution to prosperous Nepal.

Siddhartha :                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Herman Hesse's Siddharth is a Novel that deals with the spiritual journey,represents the eastern   
philosophy and Buddhism.This is philosophical novel  plotted at the time of Gautam Buddha .The poetical language and the beautiful narration makes the book interesting.This book gives the overview of Gauttam
Buddha.This classic book is the story of a person who is in the journey of finding the meaning of life.The book introduced the power of meditation to me.


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