Friday, July 4, 2014

Monsoon Musings

Monsoon mornings can be extremely enchanting. The orchestra is in place to awaken your senses with nature’s best-played symphony. The wind tangos with the chimes on the front door. Raindrops make a string of near perfect pearls that decorates your bedroom window. A rain song serenades and cajoles the flora in view into a gentle sway.
The usually fathomless blue sky dons fleeting sheets of Gray and inadvertently breaks into a roaring laughter.The unforgiving summer bids farewell and the forthcoming festive autumn beckons. The two seasons are bridged by the thirst quenching rainy season that we all adore!The celebrations begin as the air brimming with moisture and romance rejuvenates the spirit and body. 

Simmering cups of tea and coffee mark the evenings as new aromas emanate from the kitchen. Culinary improvisations involve stuffing the pakodas with almost anything palatable. Even the ‘calories conscious’ throw caution to the wind as maal-puas and jalebis call for sinful indulgence.The drudgery of a typical workday is replaced by the unpredictable excitement of a chaos when a heavy downpour leaves you drenched and stranded. The roads present camouflaged open manholes beneath innocent looking puddles. Parts of the city suffering from reconstruction fall into disarray as a muddy deluge flows all over.But the romance of venturing in the rain with one colourful umbrella for two; feeling the drops of rain on your face like ticklish fingers as you drive a motorbike; splashing in the puddles and rain dancing to the heart’s delight; lending purpose to old newspapers as your paper-boats vie for the Olympic gold; are precious moments that add up to life.

There are days when water logging makes the inadequate and ill-designed sewage systems overflow and choke, delighting children as their aquatic sports take to the streets.Frequent electricity cuts make one wonder if electricity board is diverting supplies to the million volt lightning flashes for both occur almost simultaneously.  Forgoing the reality shows and the latest James Bond flick in favour of some reality check and family bonding can be fun. Blame it on the weather if you find dad in an ultra-cool mood despite a long day.Humidity and love are in the air in equal measures.

Long romantic drives and short excursions to soak in the country greens and fresh air can be refreshing. Or simply laze on a rocking chair, curled up with a book of poetry or fiction with soft music in the background that melds with the pitter-patter of falling raindrops. This season affords many delights if you can make the time.The inflation soaring, the Sensex and water tables dipping but the spirit of joy is insuppressible.
Monsoon weddings and the festival season cometh and delighted shop owners begin to lure customers with sale offers and new stocks. Time to spoil yourself.Shopping spirits are dampened just a bit because the water logging and the mosquitoes bother, as does the foul smelling garbage dump. Time to twitch the nose a bit, curse the authorities for spraying insecticides during peak hours. Time also to pause a bit before tossing the leftover food out of the window. In our cities, the litter belongs to the literati.

The evenings turn magical, pink cotton clouds huddle close bidding the setting sun farewell. The promise of an enchanting evening fills the air. What are your plans when drizzle taps on your window?, shaking a leg at a party, a game of scrabble, catching on family or friends, a long romantic drive? Time fleets and so do the precious moments, savour them all wonderful monsoon and make fragrant memories…


  1. The best piece of writing of yours till date! I loved it so much that I read it twice! Write more and we'll read more :)