Tuesday, January 1, 2013


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Year 2012 is finished. Going through social networkings I found people are divided, one group is celebrating New year, sharing greetings and others, criticizing them, they should follow Nepali calendar and bla... bla.. bla

 Even though its an end,I know that the changing of the year really doesn't change anything if we don't learn from those mistakes and lessons of the previous year .
As I look back to the beginning of the year , I see a completely different person than the one I am today Mistakes I made and the decisions I took meant a lot through out the year
2012 taught a lot of lessons in  my life, got bunches of opportunities, the whole 2012 was lucky for me

while surfing twitter I saw  #2012taughtme was trending .It was very intriguing to see peoples evaluation of year 2012 on  few words. Among those 140 words I saw bit regrets,ghosts of broken relationships ,lots of humour and the usual thing don't trust any one,appreciate what you have, some tweets even telling  never  have regrets. Learn your lesson and move on,not many people actually care about you unless you're doing good, thank god that Mayans were wrong ..and many more
 some tweets really went very personal to me

“You can’t always rely on people to make you happy, but you can always rely on food.” I can’t argue with that. Food is always there for me and I’m always there for food.  :D

  There’s no ‘we’ in food” and “Being fat lowers your chance of getting kidnapped”… ha-ha, I love them

''that you never know when your going to lose someone so close to you. ''

''don't rush into relationships. Chances are, you're better off without one.”

''to appreciate everyone in your life, because the next day they may not be there''

 The best part is 21-12-2012 wasn't the end of the world.Mayans went wrong ,which has proven us that we couldn't predict the end of our lives.
     Now its time to goodbye 2012, thanks for all memories and welcome 2013
 Happy new year people  :)


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